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Decks and Pergolas Canberra

Adding a deck and pergola is a simple yet effective way to improve the look and functionality of your outdoor area. Hardwood or composite material decking boards and covered pergola has always been a popular addition to any home, thanks to its visual appeal and effectiveness for converting your awkward outdoor space into a practical masterpiece. It can be built amongst your garden, walkway, around the pool or under your verandah to improve the value of your property and enhance your outdoor living with character. The covered pergola is used to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements giving you the feel of an extra room to your home.

Laggner Constructions are qualified carpenters and are well equipped to satisfy your wants and needs in consulting, designing, constructing the outdoor appearance of your home. We have the know-how to build your deck and pergola attached or freestanding in many styles. 


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