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Construction Phase

How long will it take to complete my extension and renovations?

Depending on your design, will determine the expected construction period of your project. Of course there are unforeseen circumstances such as extra work in the form of a variation directed by the client, inclement weather, or lack of trade and material availabilities which could alter to timing of the job. Also the complexity of the project will play with the construction timeframe. Extensions and renovations will typically take 4 to 6 months to complete.

What happens when I want to change something in the design of the house?

No problems, we are here to please. We will raise a Variation to the Contract and this will show what you are getting and the price we would charge for it being usually labour and materials. Not all variations increase the Contract amount, some decrease it. Sometimes the variation will be ‘NIL cost’.

Is it possible to make any structural changes to the house during construction?

Yes, but these may need Planning and Building Approval. Usually once these are approved in the form of a Variation, and the needed approvals, the building works can continue. We can however collate all structural changes and have them approved in one hit towards the end of the project prior to a final inpsection.

Can I choose my own colours etc?

Absolutely yes! You may choose your own paint colours as well as all other Provisional Cost items. We are custom Canberra Home Builders. You can choose anything under our guidance and approval.

Do I have to use your inclusions for my house?

Not if you don’t want to. As we build your home, you’re the boss in choosing the right inclusions for you. All we need to know is what you are choosing, with notice, so we can incorporate them into the design. We will guide you through each choice and ask you in advance when we need something.

Will trades interrupt our family life while working on the job?

With extensions, there will always be noise, dust, dirt, and trades walking through the required areas of your home. We will strongly reduce the effects of these factors whilst we construct.

Removal of asbestos sheeting in the wet areas or eaves linings will disrupt you for a day or two whilst removal and a clearance is done.

What are your hours and days of work?

We work from 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Saturday. We may sometimes start later in the mornings because we don’t want to affect your personal lives. Getting children ready for school isn’t easy. We don’t work on Sundays. If we work outside of these hours, we’ll ask and confirm with you first.

Will you provide a schedule of what we can expect of you week by week?

Yes, we will hand out a project schedule at the beginning and when needed during the project, to update you on progress. We will also communicate via phone or email on progress on a regular basis.

What could possibly hold up the job during construction?

Unforeseen circumstances such as the weather, trade and material availability, hold up’s by local authorities, variations to the Contract, may all drag the job out a little longer than expected. Some of these factors may affect your job and are dealt with by us as they arise.

What do you mean when you say ‘unforeseen circumstances’?

Anything we don’t expect to pop up. Hidden items which may surprise us. Extensions and Renovations can sometimes be a can of worms.

Can I stay living in our house while you build?

Yes you can. Depending on what we are working on in your home. Usually if your Kitchen, Bathroom, Ensuite, Laundry, heating and cooling systems are affected during construction, it’s usually easier and much less disruption to you if you move out until the job reaches completion or a stage when your home is liveable. Any excess furniture and personal items in the home that are in the way of building works will need to be relocated off site into storage.

Will my house and yard be kept clean and tidy during construction?

We will do our utmost best to keep your home clean during all construction work on site. Of course there will be dust and rubbish throughout the construction phase and we enforce stock piling of building rubbish and regular site clean ups inside and out.

Will the house during construction be inspected by a third party?

Yes, by an independant Private Building Certifier or the Local Government Authority. Inspection stages are: Footings, Floor, Pre-sheeting walls and roof, Waterproofing, Stormwater system and the Final inspection. The electrician and plumber will also be inspected individually.

Will the budget change?

No. But if you make changes to the contract, yes. The price may increase or decrease, depending on and the timing of what you need done.

Are there any hidden costs which might arise?

Sometimes we may hit rock when excavating, unforeseen conditions in existing walls such as electrical, plumbing or asbestos sheeting. These may or may not affect the price of our Contract. It all depends on how the Contract is set up between us.


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